Terms and Conditions

While we strive to keep our trips as planned, all trips are subject to change or cancellation due to force majeure including but not limited to changes in weather, road conditions, demand or Acts of God. We will always attempt to send as timely an email as possible to all ticket purchasers with any changes in schedule. ALL MINORS (GUESTS UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE) MUST HAVE A WAIVER SIGNED BY A PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN AND A COPY OF THAT PERSON'S PHOTO ID. ANY GUEST UNDER 15 YEARS OF AGE MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT. ALL THOSE MAKING RESERVATIONS WITH OR ON THE BEHALF OF GUESTS UNDER THE AGE OF 18 MUST AGREE TO THE OvRride AGE POLICY.

Anyone who has not purchased a ticket in advance of a trip may board the bus at any stop and ride to the last stop. If there is space available after the last pick up location you may purchase a package on-board with cash (exact change required).

Rockaway Beach Bus expressly reserves the right to alter our departure and/or arrival times. We will will always attempt to notify all passengers of any changes in schedule. All riders will be notified 12 hours prior to departure by email is any changes in departure/return time/location have been predetermined. If you do not have access to emails for the 24 hour period proceeding your trip, be sure to check for changes or Follow us on Twitter for real time updates.

Anyone who does not show up for any confirmed trip at the stated time and place of departure will be charged the minimum bus fare for that trip. Please understand this is because we have lost the ability to reserve that seat for other guests by holding it for you. A day trip is defined as any trip that begins and ends in the same 24 hours.

All requests to change or cancel a reservation MUST be received in written form at our guest services email:

Although we always do out best to accommodate requests, to be assured your change in reservation can be processed, please send this written request via email no later than 48 hours before your trip departs. Anything after that will only be accommodated as a courtesy when we are available to respond to it.

Cancellations within 48 hours of departure of a scheduled “Day” Trip will be charged no show fee (minimum bus fare). All cancellations must be confirmed in writing at least 48 hours before departure of a trip to receive full refund.

Rockaway Beach Bus maintains the right to depart any location at our scheduled times listed. If you are not aboard the bus we may be forced to leave you behind.

Rockaway Beach Bus maintains the right to deny the use of any/all RBB services without refund at any time based upon egregiously inappropriate, offensive, dangerous or malicious behavior. No Firearms or explosives will be allowed on any RBB trip. RBB expressly reserves the right to change our policies without prior notice. All RBB products are Non-Transferable without prior notice and permission by RBB. By making this purchase you understand that RBB provides access to potentially hazardous activities and you hereby agree to indemnify RBB, its subsidiaries, officers, and employees from all liability for any injury or death that may occur to you or the minor for whom you are responsible on any RBB trip.